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Community Involvement

Capital Care Network is committed to public partnership and education. Our community advocacy group includes staff, community members, and volunteers. We partner with other local organizations and aid in coordination of events that help increase knowledge and awareness.

Who We Are.

In 1975 the Capital Care Women's Center group was founded in Columbus, Ohio to provide safe medical procedures for women seeking abortions. Since then we have grown to include emergency contraceptives, birth control, pregnancy testing, and reproductive health information to women across five cities and two states. And we continue to expand our list of services, soon to include pap smears and preventative care. We want all the women we serve in our communities to have the best information, the best options, the best short, the best experience possible when faced with difficult decisions about their reproductive futures. It's your body, it's your life, It's About What's Right for You.

Who We Serve.

We see thousands of women every year but each one is unique. Our patients range in age from teenagers to women in their late forties, coming from all types of cultural, racial, religious, and education backgrounds. Some women travel down the street, some travel down the highway, and some come from cities in neighboring states. Some women see us for abortion services, pregnancy options information, birth control, pregnancy testing, the "morning after pill," or just general information and support. No matter who it is, we want to give all the women we serve in our communities the most accurate information, the best-fitting options, and the most effective services.

Why Choose Us?

Our offices provide a non-judgmental, private, and respectful environment. Our caring and professional staff includes physicians, registered and licensed practical nurses, trained medical assistants, and patient advocates. We strive to personalize our care, create an environment that is comfortable to you, and trust your choices. Our doors have been open for over thirty years and as we continue to advance into new areas, keeping pace with new developments in women's health and reproductive issues, we remain true to our core values.